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Finches Are Wonderful Pets

Why do people love having finches as pets? What makes them unique? A few of the reasons could be how beautiful they are to look at and how entertaining they are to watch. They are also very easy to keep...
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6 Tips To Stop Parrot Biting

It’s quite common to see that parrots can bite and it’s also a fact that all birds that are kept as a bird will bite at some point or the other. Parrots just like other birds such as hookbills...
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Are You Interested In Raising a Chicken As a Pet? Here Are Things That You Need to Prepare

In these days, raising a chicken is a great hobby for many people. I am one of them. Whenever I am feeling down or bored, just looking at them pecking around in my backyard, it instantly brought a smile...
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Birds As Pets: What to Consider

When we think of pets, we usually think dogs and cats. But there is a large part of the population that has chosen to enjoy their lives with birds. They are entertaining, colorful and are the perfect pet...
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Birds and Their Cages

One of the first things to do when one wishes to have caged birds is precisely to choose the cage. Healthy birds need a cage for their convenience. Whether canaries, parrots, parakeets or finches, for...
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Knowing Your Cockatoo

People tend to get a false idea of cockatoos because of their tidy look and fluffy plumage. Alba cockatoos are relatively calmer than their smaller congeners such as Goffin. They are birds who like to...
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