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Cat and the Blinds: Arts and Reality

Today i saw the top post on reddit about the beautiful artsy picture of a cat named Scribbles done like in between blinds. Afterwards something amazing happened! People start commenting one after another...
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Wendy Diamond: The Cat Mythbuster

If cats could talk, what would they tell us? Their favorite guilty pleasures? Their favorite spot to play, ponder or just cuddle? Perhaps, but health conscious, happy cats would also tell us that we hold...
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New Cheetah Cubs in National Zoo in Washington D.C

The two extremely cute cheetah cubs make their public appearance for the first time At the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. Both 3 months old cheetah cubs has been hand raised because they were...
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Triple Bottle-Feeding Kittens Cuteness Overload

Are you in quest for cute videos online? Search no more. Today, we have video that will attack you with cuteness and will overload your brain with adorable scenery. In the following video you can see three...
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Kitty Tech Support

The precious moment when your kitties want to offer you their help to solve computer problems…
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Cat That Don’t Care

We all know how much energy little puppies have. We also know how much older cats aren’t interested to play or take attention. What happens when you join this two? Well…just check this hilarious...
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Sleepy Kitten Waking Up

Sleepy kitten just waking up from sleep…  

How to Find a Missing Dog or Cat

My wife and I have a German shepherd, a Siberian husky, and two cats. The German shepherd was fostered by us from the shelter one day prior to execution. We love animals and help out as much as we can....
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Practical Ways Of Training A Cat

It is widely known that dogs are more loyal than cats, and training a cat expecting it to change the way it responds to your commands is asking for trouble. They just do not do something to please you...
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Buy Puppies and Kittens Through Pet Classifieds

Are you trying to find a puppy for sale? If yes, the best place to search is online. No need to be surprised. With the advent of the internet anything and everything can be bought online, even pet animals....
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