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Koi Feeding: Maximize Nutrition and Health

The easiest way you can beautify your surroundings, almost regardless of size is by adding a water feature in your yard. Once that’s done, you will want to add fish to the pond. You don’t have...
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Caring for Your Discus Fish

Discus are a popular tropical fish species to keep in the home. If looked after they can live for quite a few years but on average it is four to five. There are some key tips for keeping Discus Fish in...
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Hot Guppies

Guppies are in the happy position of being able to handle a tropical aquarium or depending on the circumstances, live outside in a pond if the climate is a warm one. To get the best from your guppies it...
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Arowana Secrets, The Most Beautiful Freshwater Fish in the World?

If you are a fish lover or fish keeper or just have an interest in some of the more exotic and mysterious creatures that inhabit our planet then let me introduce you to the ‘Arowana’ fish. Considered...
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Common Goldfish Health Problems

Unfortunately, our goldfish are prone to many diseases and problems mostly caused by bacteria and parasites. The best way to prevent most of these is by doing frequent water changes, maybe 15% or 10% every...
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Saltwater Fish

A Guide To Good Saltwater Fish For Beginners

Introduction If you have never kept saltwater fish before, it’s a good idea to research into which fish are easiest to keep, since some are definitely less demanding than others. For first time saltwater...
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