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Norwegian guys rescuing a baby lamb

The following article is proof that there are still good people in the world willing to help to someone in trouble. The two Norwegian guys rescuing a baby lamb drowning in the ocean.If their weren’t near this place, the poor lamb will surely perished in the sea. The name of the heroes is Erik Bjørnøy and Torvald Ask.

What really happened: (Translated from Norwegian)

– Erik went a little closer to the water than me and Vetle. Suddenly we see Erik wave and shout us down to the water’s edge, Torvald says Ash.

– I saw a little white ball in the water, and was curious about what it was. As I got closer I saw that it was a sheep and shouted at the others, says Erik Bjørnøy.

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There was immediately a dramatic rescue operation.

– The sheep was almost a little afraid as soon as I approached, and swam the first wrong road, the minister says.

He considered jumping into the sea, but realized that this was not a good solution.

– It was difficult. From the mountain, there was some distance down to the water, and there were some waves. I had to wait for the right wave to get the animal, says Bear Island.

His friend Torvald grabbed Erik that he would not fall into the water.

– It was either or. When the right wave came, I managed with difficulty to get hold of the animal, the minister says.

Adrenaline was highly noticeable for the young men. The wet flock was perhaps 20 to 30 pound, but they managed to salvage it safely ashore.

– It all happened so fast. I just have to praise Erik to be as dynamic, Torvald says Ash.


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