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Poor Dog Stucked on Waterfalls

Bosnian people had a real drama yesterday in the Una National Park when the dog find himself trapped on a small rock of a big 20 feets “Štrbački buk” waterfall. The dog was taken by river and has been dragged untill he fell of from cliff and find himself stuck on a small rock. The national park workers tried to call of the dog for a long time but they didn’t have any luck. Scroll down to read what happened next…

The national park press release states that the dogs owners call of the dog and managed to get him to jump all the way down at the bottom of the waterfall and then to swim back to coast.  It was determined that this hunting breed was chasing the wild duck at the beginning and that this was a source of the trouble. Luckily for this little fella, everything went well and the dog is now back at his farm enjoying and playing with his owners…

Pics via ABC.BA


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