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To 10 Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Although these two pets are known to be the most popular with people and have a lot in common bringing enjoyable moment of communication with their owners and granting love and affection, these animals are different in many ways. That’s why some people prefer cats for adoption, whereas others would rather own a dog. we are going to consider ten major differences between cats and dogs and try to understand what make the so appealing to certain people.

1. First of all, it is necessary to say that these both pets are absolutely different in terms of behaviour. Cats are known to be solitary, independent and self-sufficient animals, whereas dogs are always seeking attention from their owners. It is impossible to leave your doggy at home for a long time alone. Cats, however, will be glad to spend time on their own.
2. Dogs are very smart and are trained basic command very quickly. Cats are sometimes very difficult to teach anything because they will reluctantly obey your orders.
3. Cats enjoy climbing and jumping and need some vertical living environment to practice their natural skills. Dogs are known to be earthbound and need some exercises on the ground.
4. Although dogs are primarily meat-eaters, they can easily survive eating plants or vegetable only, whereas cats will die without meat in their ration because they are strict carnivores.
5. Dogs can also put up with the lack of food longer because they are able to manage their fat reserves better than cats. The absence of food for cats can irrevocably lead to life-threatening liver condition and even to death.
6. Cats’ claws always stay sharp because they are retractable, whereas the claws of dogs are extended and due to the fact that they scratch them to the ground during walks they become blunt.
7. Cats’ reaction to medications differs significantly from that of dogs and human beings. That is why the same pills or drops may be safe for dogs but dangerous for cats.
8. Cats are known to have a longer memory. It has been proved that kitties are able to remember events for up to 16 hours, whereas dog’s memory is only 5 minutes long.
9. It takes time and efforts to train your dog to litter box, whereas kittens are able to potty train themselves.
10. Dogs are known to catch their prey by running it down in the natural environment. This feature makes them excellent long distance runners. Cats in their turn catch their prey by surprise, which makes them good sprinters.
As you can see, these animals are absolutely different and it is up to you to decide which one suits you the best. If you want to have an affectionate fluffy friend by your side, do not hesitate to call the seller to adopt a dog or a cat. These both pets will never let you down and will always be there for you whatever happens.


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